Each week, Troy and/or her team of Female Mindcologists will teach you how to click with one of the following 9 KEYS TO HAPPINESS AFTER HEARTBREAK.

  • Key 1 – Make Your Pain Your New Best Friend – You will learn how to instantly diminish your current heartbreak pain so you can begin your healing process
  • Key 2 – Your Crutch Is Just A Crutch – You will learn how to avoid becoming dependent on emotional crutches
  • Key 3 – You Are Not Your Circumstances – You will learn how to recognize the huge difference between YOU and your circumstances and uncollapse the two forever
  • Key 4 – Know The Boat You Float On The Sea Of Love – You will have fun distinguishing and understanding the exact boat you float on the sea of love and which ship best compliments you in the realm of “relation-ships”
  • Key 5 – Find The Treasure You Hunt – You will have a clear understanding of what it is you are truly looking for in relationships & why you chose your ex in the first place
  • Key 6 – The Power of Agreements – You will learn the true reason(s) behind your break-up based on broken agreements
  • Key 7 – Emptying The Bucket –  You will learn what it is really going to take for you to move on and empty the bucket of toxic emotions
  • Key 8 – Creating Labels That Work For You –  You will learn how to recreate your life simply by creating new and empowering labels for yourself
  • Key 9 – You Complete You – You will learn the importance of needing a romantic partner to complete you and wanting a romantic partner to enhance you You can learn to get back together with your ex so you are truly free from having an ex or you can to move on powerfully without your ex